Depreciation and status quo are
the main business risks and undermine the competitive edge

Today’s fast global business requires full attention from top management and a constant adaptability to the circumstance and the implementation of new process to manage these. Just as important is daily management, so required is to guide the continuous change, the new paradigm in the organization.

External support for the various steps mentioned in the prior sections is available and is in result driven and performance related affordable contracts, especially for medium size organizations. Larger cooperation might have internal access to systems and professionals, but keeping these up to date and supporting all units remains a challenge in itself.

The real competences of the top and middle management to undertake the new strategy requirements and the consequential continuous change must be evaluated to create the required multi-competent teams at all levels in the organization.

The absence of key persons at the top and middle level has a direct effect on quality and timely implementation of change. Rapid replacement is of the essence and interim solutions can be very considerably.

Withstanding the global development
requires rigorous change

To withstand all threats from global development and to remain business savvy top management has to take radical decisions and implement rigorous changes, which require experience to ensure the realization of the goals. The rigorous measures require a strong hand from top management, but often this is not strong enough in real execution and extending support for its implementation.

Top management itself is required to be methodically guided and educated. There is no way back and the implementation must be successful, justifying every measure to maintain a strong business position. Frivolity is lurking everywhere and it is difficult to identify by the members of top management, justifying third party support for objective observation.