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The ultimate team building program

The Pathfinder launches a unique senior management / managers team training program in association with I am Adventure an adventure motor tour operator in the Himalayas.

Make your business as mighty as the Himalayas

The Himalayas

Most management have had their share of challenges in coming up with motivational and team building trainings / sessions in sort of a "class-room" setting / environment. What most, such training sessions lack is the real team building adventurous environment the platform needed for measurable & accelerated team building performance.

It is imperative to put managers in real life-like situations where they are subjected to challenges which need to be resolved with limited resources. Average manager is well educated, trained and experienced and ready for top assignments, the management will be able to recognize full potential of each member of its team by first putting them in an environment where real-time problem solving abilities are assessed by taking the team forward without disintegration. The Pathfinder's Leh expedition provides such an opportunity.

With increasing global competition in the domestic and international markets, especially in the new / emerging economies, the expedition also provides an opportunity to adapt to arduous conditions in the Indian terrain. It is a great learning experience for foreigners coming from developed nations on this tour. It may also provide an opportunity for MNCs to bond with their Indian counterparts in such a setting where global teams undertake this expedition together and connect with each other in overcoming challenges which the expedition will provide.

This experience has a direct impact in realizing the virtually impossible extreme targets / goals as it becomes essential to bring out the special natural / spiritual / inherent individual qualities of each person in building an epic team.
The unique inner strength is seldom fully applied in business and doesn't always match with the assigned responsibilities or position. However to increase the decision making, efficiency of actions and business decisiveness - the unique natural talents have to be utilized in full and applied structures have to be replaced by fit for purpose solutions and this expedition is the best way to learn about such hidden qualities.

The program

Explore the forces of the Himalayas
for your business

The Pathfinder program provides the platform where everyone gets to explore each other's specific talents, earn respect and then take this experience back to apply them in the best manner for the business.

Through practical challenges and endurance the individual skills and holism are identified, evaluated and compiled for best team effort and success. During the day there are continuous individual and team challenges, with ample time for inner reflection.
This course / adventure challenge is a real team effort and not a theoretical or psychological training. All reflection is done by the group and the individuals and the combination of the individual natural strengths will be embedded in the new group structure to create a versatile, efficient, vigorous and resolute management team, ensuring best performance for the business.

Combined with the principals of "the art of letting go" and "focus management" you will return to your daily business as a supernatural team, in a fit for use shape order, with unique adapted market flexibility and a natural drive to win and beat the competition.

The challenge

Adopt ancient spiritual Himalayan knowledge

In an 8 days motorbike tour riding the Himalayas through the mighty peaks of 6000, 7000 and up to 8000 meters height, the team has to finally cross the World's Highest Motorable Pass on the classic Royal Enfield motor bikes, dealing with the amazing and unbearable surroundings, living among natives and monks.

The trip itself contains all the elements of challenge and creates the environment for the needful and unexpected interactions to build the team and reorganize the order of the responsibilities and team following. Unexpected incidents will bring out the best of each individual in the team, well planned scenarios and tasks will capture all aspects to create the required competitive team structure.

Daily evaluation and applying the experiences into the new business order will be facilitated in the basic accommodations and tents. The thin atmosphere and the scenic surroundings will help you to let go of predetermined thinking and ineffective inbedded structures, often created only on theoretical principals.

Inevitable for top management

Your business back on top of the world

This training is only about the creation of the best management team, combining the best individual qualities of each of the team members into a supernatural management team in a new order.
The new order of management will develop the most competitive combination of tasks and responsibilities as well as the new responsibilities of the leaders.

Be ready for an incredible change and revitalization of your own self and of your business.

Robert at +971 5431 80445 or mail info@thepathfinder.eu.

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