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A few people stood up to lead this movement to its first success. The last hunger strike has been successful and lead to a breakthrough where the government had to give in to the openness of accountants and possible prosecution of trail of governmental, civil servants and counsellors.

This is a good for India, its people and the economic growth potential, with an estimated 1600 lahks crore of black money circuit. Just for those who are not so familiar with the Rupees, it is Rs,- 16 thousand quadrillion, $ 0.32 thousand quadrillion. Of course not all this money becomes available after the first break through against bribery, but it has started and should not stop at all. But the people should also look to their own way of wheeling and dealing. In this country everyone cheats the system, not only those who control it, but it is at any level and at nearly counts for any person.

Cheating the system is part of the culture and even supported by the religious acts.

Most Indian people are Hindu and they pray and worship to gods to improve their life, in manners that suites themselves, but mostly with food and money. India people are used to worshipping by giving money (or very valuable objects of gold) and thereby buying a better and healthy live for themselves, family and those they care for. The temples and monasteries are extremely wealthy and have no structured spending’s of the gifts for the gods. The money is only partly used to feed the poor or support other who might need it seriously. A majority of the temples are even owned, by foundation of the government and then the spending’s cannot be tracked at all.

Another everyday bribery is the not discussed payments that people ask for in all kind of services, or tips that are given to servants or those who provide services. All money related to provided services is taxable, but who pays the 10,3% of applicable service tax. With 1,3 billion people this is also a big robbery of the National Treasury. Off course this happens in other countries as well and is part of a developing economy and the country, but still if you blame others you yourselves should be correct as well and your behaviour is an example for other, especially your kids.

There is still a long way to go and bribery will never be eliminated as long as the human live on earth is controlled by the inhumane structures of the financial system.

Everything the earth provides is equally expensive.

Some of it might be more rare but is all for free as a gift from our mother earth. We just take it without being conscious enough of the long term consequences for mankind.



Anna Hazare

"Don't let my arrest stop this movement. This is the nation's second struggle for freedom. The entire world has come to know how deep rooted corruption is." - Anna Hazare